Going to Vigan — All About Convenience

Hello! How are you doing? I've been feeling sick since Tuesday afternoon. I haven't left the house since (Well, except for the time I bought medicines.) then, skipped work and some other duties. I feel awful. Now, I'm trying to combat my sickness by blogging, moving my body and helping my sister with some chores. I just need to sweat and not think about it... 

Anyway, in today's post, I'm going to talk about the outfit I wore on our first trip of 2016. 

Burgundy Cotton Skirt

Skirt: Thrift Shop | Top: Bench | Shoes: Solemate | Bag: Parisian

Hello! How's your weekend? My weekend is the usual busy weekend. Nothing new just a bunch of tasks to finish but, it's fine, I was able to sleep well last night. Anyway, before I do my tasks for today, I want to share with you this outfit I wore yesterday. 

It's a marsala or burgundy cotton midi cap length skirt that I bought from a thrift store months ago. I bought this because of the fabric, it's so soft and thick. It's perfect for rainy days. 

I've been trying to do the Capsule Wardrobe for almost 6 months now but so far, it's not a success. The only part of the Capsule Wardrobe that I was able to do is to sort my maybe pile and donate pile. This skirt is in the maybe pile. I decided to wear it yesterday to test if I want to keep it or not. My thoughts? I'm going to keep it. It's a versatile piece, I can wear it to any occasion too. I think, this is a nice piece to have in a Capsule Wardrobe.

Oh! One last thing, the place I shot this photo is used to be my favorite place in our house. This became famous photo op area because of me. Haha! Most of my ootd shots were taken here but, now, it's a mess. I hope it will be back to what it's used to; soon.

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Monthly Goals: June

Hello, you! 

Hello! Welcome to my new blog!! This blog is going to be my creative outlet where I'll be sharing my love for a lot of things (life, style, photography, etc...), thoughts and my experiences.