Going to Vigan — All About Convenience

Hello! How are you doing? I've been feeling sick since Tuesday afternoon. I haven't left the house since (Well, except for the time I bought medicines.) then, skipped work and some other duties. I feel awful. Now, I'm trying to combat my sickness by blogging, moving my body and helping my sister with some chores. I just need to sweat and not think about it... 

Anyway, in today's post, I'm going to talk about the outfit I wore on our first trip of 2016. 

Cap - From Beijing | Shirt - SM Dept Store | Blazer & Jeans - Thrift Store | Trainers - Fila 
Usually, when I travel I don't like wearing trainers/sneakers and/or jeans. I like wearing clothes that are easy to move into and has comfortable fabrics, especially if it's going to be a long trip.

So, why am I exactly wearing jeans and trainers? Because it's convenient. If you aim to pack light and be a backpacker. I recommend you to wear the items that tend to get bulky when folded. As for the sneakers, you can remove it when you are seated inside the bus anyway.

Honestly, I am not good at packing light. I always bring extra clothes with me. As a result, I always over pack. I will be doing a blog post about packing light, this is what I'll be sharing with you for now.

— Wear the item/s that tends to get bulky when folded to spare some space in your backpack or travel bag. If you have to bring multiple jeans; place it at the bottom of the bag; make sure it's flat. More shoes? You can put it on top of the bag or, you may put each on the both sides of the bag. Always think of "convenience". 

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