Monthly Goals: July

what my overview calendar used to look like. I made a new one today.
July will be the start of my very hectic schedule. 

Hello! How are you doing? I hope you are doing great! I am getting better from a cold. Take care of yourself! Don't get sick like me, okay? :)

Today, I am going to share my goals for the month of July. June went by so quickly, isn't it? I wasn't even able to accomplish all of my goals for that month. Lol! So, for this month, I made sure each goal is achievable and detailed. Let's start! 

  • WORK 

01. Minimum 30 Lesson Hours - I started tutoring last June 14. So far, I am enjoying every lesson I have with my students. I think, setting a required hours would help me not over thinking it.
✗ 02. No Absent (office) - I am very thankful and lucky to continue working here. In return, I will try my best to not commit this and also, finish my tasks on time. Note: I will talk more about the story in a Self Improvement/How-To post.  

  • BLOG

03. Three (3) Blog Posts in categories: a. Travel b. Self Improvement c. Style d. Beauty
✓ 04. 1k PageViews at the end of the month

  • SELF 

05. Exercise 2x a week - I started working out yesterday, I was still sick but bearable. Also, twice a week is convenient for my schedule. 
06. Do Something Creative - I have an idea for this but not quite sure yet. Any suggestions? :)
07. Look Presentable 100% of the time - OKAY! So, I used to fix myself before I started being a working student, which was before September 2014. Now is a different story. I'd rather sleep than do my make up or fix my hair in the morning. I must change that habit.
✓ 08. Declutter Wardrobe -  I am going to do the Capsule Wardrobe. Note: I will talk more about this in a Style post
09. Donate Unused Clothes - This is partially finished! I just have to give it away. I will give the first batch tomorrow! :)
10. Finish reading a book then write about it - This one is a challenge! 

  • JOURNAL Notebook

11. Keep Track with the Finance Tracker - I am going to be strict with my money starting this month. A finance tracker will help me know where most of my money is going to. Note: I will talk more about this in a Self Improvement/How-To post.

As you may have noticed, I didn't set any goals for my school. I don't usually set goals during the start of the semester. I set goals after our prelim exams. So, those are my goals for this month! What's yours? 


  1. Really good blog!Love it!

    1. Thank you, Dusica! You have a lovely blog as well! :*