Vintage Dress

Hello! I am back with another outfit post from our second day in Vigan! Before our trip, Keziah and I wanted to buy clothes purposely for our Vigan trip — something that somehow represents the city. We have seen a lot of ideal clothes for the trip but, I am not sure what happened because we ended up not buying anything. Lol 

Honestly, I don't like buying things that I won't be using again. I am gradually leaning towards minimalism/essentialism. Luckily, when I was out thrift shopping, I found this dress that is not just ideal for our trip but, also good for an everyday dress. The dress is flow-y and has a very soft fabric. I didn't feel hot during our trip! Yey! This dress is originally from Marks and Spencer, I bought this for 200php! Hahaha! Sulit!

I recently had a haircut last weekend. My hair is shorter, though, I hope that will be my last hair cut because I want to have a long hair again. :) 

It's few more days before August! I still have goals to accomplish! How's your July doing? My classes started last week. So far, all I can say is I feel really tired juggling everything. Phew! We can do this! I hope your July is doing great! See you on my next post! :* hugs!


  1. lovely post, just followed :) i'm new and would love if you checked out my blog! xx

  2. such a pretty dress! x

    Regina |

  3. Cute outfit! I really wanna visit Vigan!