Monthly Goals: August + Life Lately

It's that time of the month again, wherein I will share my goals for the month. To start, July wasn't really a good month. I was sick for almost the entire month. I'm feeling much better now but, the stress is slowly taking over my mind and body. Honestly, my body isn't really good in handling much stress. The more I force myself to do everything, the more stress is coming in. In my opinion, when I'm stressed the quality of my work sucks and, I don't like that.

So, this month, I will dedicate my time to do less to make more. The photo above is just a preview of my schedule for July. But, if you'll see my schedule for August, I'm sure you will cringe to see or even think how busy I am. The heart means it's a priority. On my August schedule, every weekday has at least 4 to 5 hearts. Basically, to be able to accomplish everything on my planner, I have to wake up by 4am or else, I will end up sleeping at 12mn.

From August 1 to this date, everything is not on my favor. My schedule has to be changed last minute and, most of my major tasks was needed to put on hold. Frankly, I dislike delay very much, especially if I know I have 5 priorities to accomplish and most of it are time-sensitive.

Anyway, what I'm trying to point out here is: If you are dealing with something similar to mine, what would you do? Would you lessen the priorities you have or keep pushing yourself to do everything even if you know you couldn't? I have thought about this deeply; I have chosen to let go of a priority because I don't want to jeopardize my other priority. It's hard to accept it but, it's okay to not do everything. Sooner or later, you will thank yourself for not juggling everything. Think about your health. Think about the things that might occur if you have forced yourself to your limit, would it be all worth it? I'm currently working on an article about this, I might post it after our exams.

Overview of my goals for August:
  • Dedicate time to do less to make more.
  • Focus on health

How about you? How was your July and, what are your goals this August? 

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  1. Time management can be so hard especially when your body resists to do the tasks. I seriously envy those people who can do responsibilities over the lazy-doings. I honestly won't force myself to do things which is almost beyond my capabilities already, health should be the top priority. Goodluck Armi, you can do it! :)

    Lou |